Frequently Asked Questions | ❤️ GPL

GPL is the shortened form of “General Public License.”

WordPress is open-source software released underneath the GNU Public License (GPL). It had been produced by forking another GPL-licensed project most of the top WordPress plugin, theme, add-on, and extension developers follow GPL.

At GPL Designer, we offer files that are fully licensed underneath the GNU GPL, much like WordPress.

All WordPress products, such as plugins and themes, are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL).
This means that after we have purchased the product and we can redistribute it when we decide on so.
Your membership to the site goes towards maintaining and buying the subscriptions to the third party theme and WordPress plugin authors. This type of (getting money from lots of people) helps keep prices low, so we may then pass this benefit onto you.

No, We do not provide support for Theme setup and customization, but if you face any difficulties in Downloading and Installing, we will help you.

  1. Lower cost.
  2. Original files without adware and spyware, infections, or advertising.
  3. All products focus on an unlimited amount of websites (domains) (unlimited license).
  4. All products (that are bought and sold) are available by direct links.
  5. We often update products and also add new items that are hard to get in other places!

All products are already in Discount.

Kindly do not ask Discount.

No, We do not provide license keys.We provide GPL products where License key is not required.If any plugin and theme is asking license key then simply ignore it as the item work without key or license.

In some of the products you need to sign up on the developer site to get the item activated.We will mention in the product page.

The single purchase becomes more expensive for long run if you are the Developer or Designer.But in membership you pay once also less is valid to the expiratin date.Better we recommend you to buy a Membership plan to reduce your cost.

Consider hiding the license activation reminders through a plugin like WP Hide Plugin Updates and Warnings. This is a free plugin that is very popular in the WordPress community. Make sure to check the official documentation for more information!

LoveGPL is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, nor is in any way related to third-party developers, including WordPress, WooCommerce, WooThemes, Elegant Themes, RocketGenius Inc., GravityForms, iThemes, OnTheGoSystems, AppThemes, etc.

Yes, All the items inside this websites are genuine.We download the products from the author sites and deliver to you.

The downloads are not changed in any way except for a few products that need making active and productive before usage. Such products come with a note in the product description.

Yes. When we’re told of the update, we go and download it in the author and add the update on our website.

Yes, all themes, plugins, add-ons, and WooCommerce extensions that are distributed by our repository are 100% open-source with the GNU GPL.

Just ignore it. Developers include these so the WordPress plugin or theme can update instantly. The product itself works perfectly fine without license code. We’d recommend updating your theme/plugins from our website.

We support payment via PayPal,Credit Card,UPI,PayTM.

Contact us if you want other payment.

No. Sorry, we’re going to need to be carefully thought about a little hard on that one. The nature of WordPress plugin or theme is not a way to ‘return’ it as they are Digital products. All payments at LoveGPL are nonrefundable, and then any request or argument is going to be rejected with no communication. Also, if you feel you may have some doubts, you can contact us.

A common issue that can happen with users is new to installing WordPress themes.


It is found to be the “Broken theme and stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This is because the theme download package on ThemeForest includes more files to the theme zip file, such as the supporting paperwork, license, etc.


To solve this, simply unzip the theme package zip you downloaded from LoveGPL and find the corresponding file. Upload that respective file.