Nulled VS GPL Products Difference

If you are looking for themes or plugins, you definitely must have come across GPL and nulled products. And it is always a debate regarding which themes are better and what alternative you can use instead. But before knowing which one is better, it is preferable to understand what exactly these terms mean.

What is GPL?

GPL stands for a general public license. Even though the term GPL themes and GPL plugins are more common, it is not exactly a theme. GPL is one of the most widely used software license updates, and the best part of it is that it is free of cost. One of the most popular content management system, called WordPress, was also released under the GPL license.

Basically, GPL is what decides how WordPress is used. GPL allows you the freedom to run the program for the purpose that you want to, and you can study it to know how it works.

What are nulled themes and plugins?

The chances of you coming across the terms like WordPress themes and plugins are very likely if you are a developer or a user. But what exactly is nulled themes and plugins? When the plugins and the themes are named as nulled, it usually means that you can download them for free, but it is not legal. In simple words, the official marketplaces do not feature them.

If you want nulled themes and plugins, you should go to some suspicious sites where there will be tons of ads, and you will be redirected to other websites with similar content.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the themes and plugins are usually created by some particular people. And they put their hard work and effort in creating these creative themes. If you are using any website which allows you to do free download these themes or plugins, and you are not having to pay for it, you are using the work created by someone else. And that is definitely not legal.

Which one is better- GPL products or nulled products?

After a lot of research and collecting in-depth information, we can comfortably say that GPL is definitely the winner, and the reasons are incredibly valid. We are sure that you would like to know them better, so we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of using each and why you should stick to GPL instead of nulled products.

Why may you like GPL?

  • If you care about ethics as an end user, then GPL is definitely for you. GPL can actually be considered incredibly empowering if you are a software user, and it is very transparent.
  • GPL is growing at a swift pace because the community that uses it is large, and it gets more reliable and better due to the modifications that occur at regular intervals.
  • You may be even more attracted because you get access to free GPL plugins. And people who use WordPress GPL give them the satisfaction of mind. Because it will always be freely available, and you can use it for the purpose you want to. In fact, wp review Pro is one of the most used plugins today.

Cons of using GPL

There are no particular definite disadvantages as such. Still, for some people, they might not be comfortable with the fact that anyone can modify, utilize, and share the products of GPL without any restriction.

Why might you not like nulled products?

  • Firstly, one of the most common problems faced by almost everyone is that the nulled software products do not function correctly and you might not get all the features you require.
  • If something goes wrong with the nulled themes and plugins, you will not receive any support or updates because you have not bought them legally. So, you either have to fix everything by yourself or get someone to help you, but there is no guarantee that it will be solved.
  • Most of the nulled themes and plugins are cracked versions and might contain Malware. You may come across unwanted ads and even viruses. So anyone who visits your website might also get infected along with your device.
  • Nulled extensions are incredibly useless to use on production sites. Even though the plugins and themes are free, you have to set up everything by yourself because you will not be able to get any support or update.
  • Sometimes if you use any hacked theme or plugin, the ranking of your website might decrease, and consequences like this are due to Black hat SEO.
  • It may also happen that after you download the plugin from nulled sources, hackers might be able to gain complete control of your website. And that will be a considerable cost to pay for your so called free software.

Are there any advantages of using nulled themes or plugins?

Well, of course, most of the consequences of using nulled products are slightly negative than positive. But we also have an exception for you. Usually, almost none of the GPL products have any options for a free trial. If any of the plugins faces any technical issue, only then can you get a refund.

So if any instance occurs where you simply want to test if a plugin works for a client or not, you might not want to spend money on buying such plugins. Because if it doesn’t work out, it means you have simply wasted your money. So, in that case, you can test out nulled themes or plugins, but never on production sites.


We definitely do not want to mislead you with any wrong information, and that is precisely why we have discussed all the pros and cons of both GPL products and nulled products. From the above mentioned discussions, it is somewhat clear that GPL products are better than nulled products because of obvious reasons.

It is also ethical to help out the people who spend time and effort on creating good themes and plugins on GPL. If you buy them legitimately, they will be able to get some hard-earned money, and they might develop more tools in the future, which might aid your business.

So hopefully you will make the right decision according to your situation. All the best!

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