Why WordPress Is Licensed under the GPL?

GPL is a common word that you often get to hear if you are using WordPress. Even, WordPress is licensed under GPL. So the question is, what is GPL is all about?
GPL stands for General Public License, and it was created by computer programmer Richard Stallman.

Why Is WordPress Licensed under the GPL?

WordPress is what it is because of GPL only. There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the most used content management systems out there. And most of the websites are powered by WordPress only. And there are millions if not billions of websites are using WordPress free of cost on their server.

Even, you should also know that WordPress would have never existed without the concept of free software. Initially, it was a form of b2/cafelog, which was a free software itself.

However, there is quite a lot of other software that falls under GPL, including WordPress. Also, if WordPress were not released under GPL, it would not have been the most popular CMS today.

Because of GPL only, developers were able to get access to the CMS, and they got the opportunity to study the code and modify it. As a result, WordPress now brings you quite a lot of features. Plus, you now have access to different plugins and themes, which makes your website creating experience pretty awesome.

Even today, there are over 36% of the world’s websites running WordPress. And it would not have been possible if it was not released under the GPL.

Is GPL Safe?

The one-word answer to this question would be yes. However, if you want a brief explanation, then let me just explain:

There are quite a lot of WordPress plugins, and themes exist on the internet. And many of the plugins and themes needed to be downloaded on our computer at first, and then upload it on our website. You might find nulled themes or plugins available on the website but they are not safe anyhow , find why ?

However, the developers behind WordPress developed some short of bridge mechanism which connects your web server to the plugin or theme server. So every time there is a new version or update available, the bridge will automatically download the updates. And it does not change or modifies the application in any way. So you can trust GPL completely. Also, the plugins and themes that you would download are identical to the ones from the original developer.

Final Words:

I hope the article has given you enough information related to WordPress and GPL. In short, you can say that without GPL, WordPress wouldn’t be this much popular or any would choose to use a platform.

But since the software is registered as a free one, it is benefiting web developers around the globe and cutting down the cost of having a website.

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